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Book Three


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8.5 x 11 full color children’s story book. Suggested for ages 8-12.


You are about to enter the deep woods where Sammy the skunk becomes a hero to the animals that live there. Although Sammy does not live in the deep woods, he enters it quite by accident, and his adventures begin immediately.

In book three, Sammy helps in the cleanup of the deep woods after a storm. You will hear a story told by Mr. Porcupine that frightens the animals. You will learn about a condition Mrs. Porcupine has called “quil-la-ti-tus-i-tus,” and how Dr. Opossum cures it. You will also see who Miss Deer meets when taking the little animals to a birthday party.

Life lessons are written for each of the three stories in this book. They include a question for the children to think about, a Scripture verse, a truth about God, and a short message about the love God has for His children.

1 review for Book Three

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thank you – thank you – thank you! I just love the stories, especially the saving of Mrs. Porcupine quills from the dreaded “qyil-la-ti-tus-i-tus”! What a GREAT story teller you are. Every church should have these stories for the lessons taught with each chapter!

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