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You are about to enter the deep woods where Sammy the skunk becomes a hero to the animals that live there. Although Sammy does not live in the deep woods, he enters it quite by accident, and his adventures begin immediately.

Life lessons are written for each of the three stories in this book. They include a question for children to think about, a scripture verse, a truth about God, and a short message about the love God has for his children.

Book One - $12
Meet Mr. Fox, find out what Sammy did to him, and how Sammy becomes his best friend. You will also learn how Sammy helped a beaver who lost his teeth.
Book Two - $12
Sammy teaches the forest animals about a dentist, he meets the rabbit family and helps a bunny with a broken leg. He also rescues the animals from a wildfire.
Book Three - $12
Sammy helps in the cleanup of the deep woods after the storm. You'll hear a story by Mr. Porcupine and a condition that Mrs. Porcupine has.
Book Four - $12
Sammy helps save the animals when they get stuck in a mudslide. His father builds a canoe, and the animals find out what happens when it tips over.
Book Five - $12
Sammy wakens to warmer weather after a long winter. Mrs. Groundhog is missing, Miss Deer has a special surprise.
Book Six - $12
Sammy discovers a little lost dog names Shadow and a very large dog named Brutus, and Sammy sees humans for the first time.
Hand Puppet - $18
This beautiful, high-quality hand puppet brings Sammy to Life as you read through his adventures.
Gretta - $10
Greta is a fictional story about a little girl who wanted to be the most beautiful angel in the world for Halloween. However, she became the ugliest witch.

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