A Walk With Mother

One activity that I enjoyed with my mother was to take evening walks. It was a time for me to tell her about my accomplishments and disappointments. It was a type of therapy for me and I believe it was for my mother also. She didn’t work outside of the home, and didn’t drive a car, so ‘getting out’ was something I believe she looked forward to.

Dad always told us to take a flashlight along. It was used for light but could also be used for a type of protection.

One beautiful moonlight night mom and I took off. We walked a couple blocks down to White Lake and admired the reflection of the moon on it. Then we continued down the Old Channel Trail. (Places in Montague, MI)

She and I were quietly walking along when we heard footsteps in back of us. We both looked around and saw a man. He was walking quite fast so mom said to speed up. She thought he would be turning into one of the houses on Old Channel Trail but he just kept coming. Now mom held on tight to the flashlight. I knew she would use it as a club if she had to.

She whispered, “We’re going to go up to the next house and pretend it is ours.” Then very loudly she said, “I’M SO GLAD WE’RE HOME! I KNOW YOUR FATHER IS WAITING FOR US. I’LL TAKE THE KEYS OUT AND OPEN THE DOOR!”

We boldly walked onto the porch and mom pretended she had the house key in her hands and was putting it into the keyhole of the door. The man continued to follow us, came onto the porch, and we were now standing face to face with him. Then he spoke, “Good evening ladies. This is MY HOUSE – but you’re welcome to come in.”


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